Company description

e-voluzione was founded by F.M.Sacerdoti. Our mission is to apply high-tech solutions to industry, aerospace and specialized research matters.

Our goal

The vast experience of our consultants allow us to respond in a comprehensive way to our customers’ needs, applying our past experiences to new scopes, though totally different from the original ones.

Our motto

Our principal goal is our customers’ satisfaction with ever growing advanced technologies needs, through an innovating “path”.

This is what our slogan expresses:

e-volution paths for industry


Qualified Suppliers

F.M. Sacerdoti is "Certified LabVIEW Architect" since 2005. The Certified LabVIEW Architect is the final step in the three-part National Instruments’ LabVIEW certification process, involving the greatest experts in the world.

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e-voluzione is

ISO-9001 certified

for industrial application development

Advanced Industrial Software
Test & Measurement Systems
Innovation & Prototyping
Advanced Multimedial
Patenting & Consulting

A. Frullone is Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer, National Instruments’  first step in the certification process for professionals.

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Aerospace in network



An article in which

e-voluzione is mentioned

Campania Aerospace


Interview with Francesco Sacerdoti

Il Mattino di Napoli

November 13, 2010

Interview with Francesco Sacerdoti

sending the iPad in the space?

June 5, 2010

e-voluzione is in the front page of Il Denaro

e-voluzione da idea ad impresa - May 9, 2009

Article by Il Denaro 

Click here ...

Il Denaro - March 17, 2009

e-voluzione: hi-tech a servizio delle imprese industriali 

Interview on DenaroTV - December 18, 2008

F.M.Sacerdoti interviewed by DenaroTV about Innovation and research  Click here...

e-voluzione wins StartCUP Campania 2008 Prize -October 21, 2008

Article by Il mattino


Napolipiù -

October 20, 2008

Article about Neapolitan inventors.

The vibrometer by F.M. Sacerdoti is mentioned. 

Aerospace and Defence Meeting in Turin

March 21, 2008

e-voluzione is one of the companies in Campania that participated with great success, as described in Antonio Ferrara’s article  read more...

Il denaro: Aerospace companies in Campania - June 30, 2007


Aerospace, SMB success abroad - June 16, 2007

Article about “Le Bourget" international event in Paris(Paris Air Show).

e-voluzione was among Italian presented companies click here...

Il Mattino - January 8, 2006

Coroglio Valley pag.40 

Euromediterraneo -

August 2, 2005

E.S.P.R.A. Project - Space Experiment for Atmosphere Research 

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno -

August 1, 2005

Espra, space academic project 

Rivista Aereonautica - August 1, 2005

Military Air Force Magazine. n.4/2005. Progetto Espra. Page 63 

Il denaro - June 15, 2005

Aerospace. Campania businesses in Paris - Le Bourget 2005 Read more ...

AERNet - Aerospace Industries Network is born

e-voluzione is among the 6 participants in AERNet - Network of Aerospace Industries,
born 2014 July, 29th in Caserta.

Here the article on Italian Newspaper “la Repubblica”

Workshop: La Terra dei Veleni

e-voluzione is among the organizers of the workshop “La Terra dei Veleni” with Professor Antonio Giordano, director of Sbarro Health Research Organization, Philadelphia.

Here the brochure of the event

Vibrotest among the best 6 ideas for the Creative Clusters Aerospace contest

Francesco Sacerdoti presents Vibrotest, a vibrational analysis system, born to evaluate composite structures. The idea is among the 6 best chosen during the Creative Cluster Aerospace contest.

The system is based on our patent, the laser vibrometer, enriched with a vibration generator.

Download the full article here

Sponsorship for the event “European Inventor Hall of Fame”

e-voluzione is sponsor for the event, organized by the Europan Patent Office, since March 20th in Città della Scienza. Innovation shapes our world. Seven top finalists and winners of the European Inventor Award illustrate just how diverse and far-reaching innovation’s impact can be. Click here for further details

Research Experts Roll

Francesco Sacerdoti has been put on the roll of the Scientific Research Experts, roll held by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research.

Workshop on Intellectual Property

Francesco Sacerdoti is an invited speaker at a meeting held by the Neapolitan Engineering Association about patenting and Intellectual Property. Here is the brochure of the event, held in Naples, May 4th 2012.


NI LabVIEW Architects Summit

Francesco Sacerdoti has been invited to the 2012 Certified LabVIEW Architects Summit, held in the UK offices of National Instruments in March 28th and 29th. Here is the link on NI’s website

Participation in NIDays2012

e-voluzione has participated in the
Technological Forum “NIDays 2012” organized by National Instruments in Rome, February 29Th 2012, presenting an article for the annual prize Nicola Chiari for the best application in Measurement and Automation, the only presented article in the manufacturing field.

Vega rocket launch

e-voluzione has participated in the development of Vega rocket, successfully launched on February 13th from the Korou base in French Guyana.

Click here to take a look at the launch


We’re now offering, together with SAEL and Sixtema, consultancy on patents and trademarking. Our experience allows us to offer a complete service, from the patentability evaluation, through anteriority researches, technical analysis, up to the prototype realization. Feel free to contact us at for further information.

Click here to know more...

Joined the Industrial Union of Naples

Since Dicember 2011 e-voluzione has completed the process of subscription to the “Unione degli Industriali” of Naples’ Province in the I.C.T. section.

Protecting innovation: Patents as a tool

@ TechnologyBiz2011

Francesco Sacerdoti is invited speaker at the meeting on patents and innovation, which will be held in Naples on November, 8th during the TechnologyBiz2011 event.

Electronic Eyes in Marine Parks and underwater Archaeological sites PROJECT

e-voluzione takes part, with its partner Forus, to the project “Electronic Eyes in Marine Parks and underwater Archaeological sites”. At this ink a presentation of the project by Forus’ CEO Edoardo Benelli can be found.


Francesco Sacerdoti is invited speaker at the “8 Schools - 7 Days” event, held in Naples from May 9th to May 15th 2011, about Patents and Trademarks in the internal European market. Here is the link of the event.


e-voluzione was invited speaker at the workshop, held on December 13th 2010 at the “Parlamentino” Hall of Naples‘ Chamber of Commerce.

Here is the link of the event

e-voluzione will participate in the national congress-
show dedicated to information technologies applied to improve disabled people’s lives, HANDIMATICA 2010, that will be held in Bologna from November 25th to November 27th. During the meeting, we will present the products realized by ESC, a jont venture with our partners SAEL and CAAC.


e-voluzione is Apple Certified hardware and software developer.

We develop apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apps can be downloaded from Apple’s AppStore.

Some of the developed apps can be reviewed on this page.


e-voluzione supports “Napoli Città della Letteratura”

Napoli Città della Letteratura proposes Naples as one of UNESCO’s Creative Cities,

Click here to

e-voluzione participates in realizing a contemporary art exibition

click to download the invitation

Monterrey, Mexico
e-voluzione took care of all the technological aspects regarding the stand organized by Comune di Napoli (the City administration) for the international event.
click here to visit the official site
Click on these links to see the official and non-official photos of the event...
Until April 6th 2008 the systems we realized could be seen at the Naples Art Pavillion museum (PAN).
e-voluzione is now working on the International Forum that will be held in Naples in 2013 website.

StartCUP 2008

e-voluzione won the Naples 2008 StartCUP, together with RISSC LAB and AMRA with the
ALERT-ME project, realizing an Early-Warning system for earthquakes.

The Federico II Start Cup is the prologue to the National Innovation Prize (PNI), that was held November 27th 2008 in Milan. Click here for more information.



European Handbook for Defence Procurement

The European study for common standards choice in Defense  has restarted.
e-voluzione is the Italian representative in EG6-Electrical Interface Group B. e-voluzione was the Italian representative in “EG15-Quality of Power Supply" Group and head of experts group "EG6-Electrical Interface" in EHDP - European Handbook for Defence Procurement.


Galileo Projects

Francesco M. Sacerdoti was the representative for Naples Area
County in the Technical Committee for

the inter-institutional agreement on Aerospace policies.

The agreement puts together fourteen different Italian provinces.


Euroleader Award

e-voluzione was one of the three finalists of the European
Award held in 2006 for the best European incubated companies of the aerospace segment. For more information about the congress please click here.


Recent exhibits

Public Administration Forum 2010

e-voluzione took part in the Public Administration Forum held in Rome 17-20 May 2010 to present
Net-Uno project, a research project about innovation in sea ports. In this project e-voluzione realized the subsystems integration.

Project Website Link

European Congress on Radiology 2009

General Medical Italia - GMI realized their new X-Ray equipment, together with e-voluzione, that realized the automation and user interface of the equipment. The product was presented from March 6th to 10th at the European Congress on Radiology 2009.

TECHA2008, International Forum on Technologies for the Cultural Heritage

e-voluzione was an invited speaker at TECHA2008, International Foru
m and Brokerage Event on Technologies for the Cultural Heritage Advancement. Our participation was about “New human interfaces for the fruition of cultural heritage”.

More information about the event can be downloaded here.


FAO International Conference Exchange

e-voluzione was an invited speaker at FAO’s 5th International Conference
Exchange on “Exchange platforms for methodology and technology exchange in emergent countries”.

Our participation was about “Using Man-to-machine Interfaces for systems’ control by non-expert users”. 

e-voluzione is one of the companies in Campania that held a stand at these international exhibits:

  1. Aerospace and Defence Meeting , held in Turin March 19th and 20th 2008

  2. Airtec 2007 held in Frankfurt in 2007

  3. Paris Air Show 2007 (click here to see our photos of the event...)

Science and Technology week at Beijing

e-voluzione participated in the Science and Technology Week that was held in Beijing in May 2007.

You can find  the official photos here.... and the non official ones here


e-voluzione is co-founder of high technology consortium ATCoroglio, located in Naples at Città della Scienza.

click here for more information

Recent ATCoroglio congresses:

February 26th and 27th 2008: Working ideas on Research - University of Naples Federico II

December 14th 2006: "Innovating Companies in Naples’ Province" Naples, -Province Hall in Santa Maria La Nova.

October 26th 2006 in Naples, Città della Scienza: "CREATIVE INTERACTION BETWEEN COMPANIES: the development project of AT Coroglio".