em-product is a product line designed and realized by ESC, with the goal of spreading high-tech systems at an affordable price, aiming to amplify one’s potentialities: “em-powering through innovation”

ESC is a joint-venture among 3 enterprises, already opearting in the ICT market, specialized in automation, domotics, industrial prototyping, advanced software and bioengineering.

em-desk, simi
lar to a school desk, is an aid that goes together with the traditional didactical instruments increasing their potentialities and fruibility.

em-desk can be attached to an interactive blackboard, allowing to share, store and eventually re-elaborate digital contents with the whole classroom. The working space consists of a multitouch screen that offers the possibility to interact in an immediate way with the tecnological instrument.

   Independent life project: is building an individual autonomy-path, focused on person’s needs, the familiar and social issues, and life context.

  Integrated interdisciplinary approach: is taking in count all the aspects of a new life. It’s bringing technology into life, making a correct need’s analysis, technological assessment and sharing the project with the customer and his/her home.

   Improving life quality: is making building automation, simplifying the interaction with our ambient, feeling safe at home.

em-pot is a solar powered cultivation system, that
can be automatically controlled or assisted.

em-pot continuously controls environment parameters, soil composition, vegetative status and, knowing the specific plant’s needs, it allows an optimal growing.

em-pot is a design object that takes care of your plants.

em-pot is a personal lab that bring children in contact with the plant kingdom to know more about it, at home or at school.

m-otiPet is a fluffy pup that behaves like a real puppy.

em-otiPet sits, barks moving his head, wags his tail and follows his master reflecting his emotional state.

em-otiPet is provided with a hat that allows remote wireless interaction with the puppy.