Good ideas not always become a marketable product

1) Technical/Commercial analysis of the idea

2) Patentability

3) Anteriority research

4) Technical patent writing

5) Tables preparation

6) Claims preparation

7) Application and follow up for Italian and

     European Patents (EPO)

8) Technical feasibility study

9) Business feasibility study (Business plan)

10) Prototyping

11) Fund raising (Notices, Venture Capitalists, etc.)

12) Industrialization

Our experience ( e-voluzione owns 10 patents, our consultants own 3, and we brought to success a considerable number of projects based on existing patents), together with a direct connection to a network of technical resources (University, research centers, manufacturing sites) as well as business resources (banks, business consultants, etc) allow us to deliver an excellent service to our customers, a rare example in Italy and especially in the South.

Our patents and applications :

  1. 1.Method and equipment for testing the color and reflectivity of high-visibility garments (LAA property)           System to evaluate automatically European Standard EN471, used by industrial laundries after washing high-visibility garments. International patent: G01N33/36C 2001

  2. 2.Method and apparatus for checking and testing the characteristics of intervention clothes, in particular for firemen (LAA property)
    System to evalute automatically the protection efficience of firemen garments and clothes after an action. International patent: G01N33/36C 2003

  3. 3.Eolic flying generator (A. Punziano and F. M. Sacerdoti)
    Aerostat on which an eolic generator is mounted. The aerostat is grounded with a cable, used to transmit energy. Patent pending: ITNA2005A000057

  4. 4.System to measure vibrations and deformations based on a telemeter (F.M.Sacerdoti) The system allows vibrational analysis on different measuring points on a target, without contact and with a cheap cost, using a dedicated analysis software. Italian patent: IT0001369738

  5. 5.Measurement method to identify multiple magnetostrictive labels (F.M.Sacerdoti, R.Germano) Electronic System to identify objects using two or mor magnetostrictive tags of various length.                                              Patent pending: ITNA2009A000045

  6. 6.System to identify tissues and garments by magnetostrictive tags (F.M.Sacerdoti, R.Germano) Application of  the prevoius patent to industrial laundries, using a dedicated labelling system based on magnetostrictive tags.         Patent pending: ITNA2009A000046

  7. 7.System to create an immersive multisensorial 5D experience (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito) Relax station for SPAs and hotels that renders a multisensorial experience, integrating chromotherapy, aromatherapy, audio, video, air and water fluxes. Patent pending: ITNA2009A000051

  8. 8.System for object localization in warehouses by instrumented forklifts" (F.M.Sacerdoti) System to identify the positioning of objects in warehouses with shelves at various heights by an instrumented forklift.                             Patent pending: ITNA2009A000055

  9. 9.Device control by central audio channel of an audio surround system (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito)         System to control external electronic and electric devices through the central audio channel of a surround system. Patent pending: ITNA2009A000076

  10. 10.Image acquisition system for a Total Body Photography (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Bucarelli) System to acquire images of a full human body by an array of cameras. Patent pending: ITNA2009A000077

  11. 11.Safety system to signal an industrial mean of transport crossing a passage (F.M.Sacerdoti, E.Esposito) Patent pending: ITNA2010A000002