To manage the entry and exit protocol of a company, e-dox is the only solution on the market that does not involve additional work to log or retrieve data and documents

One of the problems of companies is document management.
Currently 95% business documents consist of e-mails with attachments.
The remaining 5% is made up of letters and faxes that can easily be transformed into electronic format.

e-dox is the document management solution that allows you to store all the documentation and to automatically generate the outbound and inbound protocol by simply forwarding the email to specific mailboxes.
The e-dox system allows what is complex with other mail systems:
• Sharing of documents among multiple users using the Internet.
• Reading of shared mail with a normal browser
• Automatic management of the protocol number
• Full text search in the text of the emails
• Implicit backup


To insert e-mails, documents and faxes in e-dox, simply forward the e-mail or fax to a specific e-mail box.
The e-dox system will archive and define the protocol number.
To separate incoming and outgoing documents, two mailboxes are defined. It is also possible to use specific customizable attributes (cost center, project, etc.) and create additional protocol boxes.

From the web you can retrieve both the list of documents and obtain the email complete with attachments, through a fulltext search in all fields of the email including the text.