Soldering Robot Monitoring

The quality of the weld is the quality of the final product.

Monitoring and statistical analysis help improve the quality of the final product and facilitate maintenance of the robot.

The automatic robotic welding systems carry out processing cycles on mechanical parts.

The robot control system supplies a suitable current to the welding gun for a predefined time.

Overall quality control is lacking.

Our solution

The system created by e-voluzione allows complete monitoring of each single weld with immediate quality control.
If a single weld does not have the expected characteristics (welding time, minimum current, voltage etc.), the system generates an audible and light alarm and shows the operator which of the individual welds is out of standard.

The data are shared on the network in real time in order to have them available during processing, and stored on the server.

The system also includes an advanced statistical analysis package (eg Shewhart control charts) and the generation of qualitative reports.