Patent Support & Prototype Development

1) Technical/commercial evaluation of the idea

2) Patentability

3) State of the art research

4) Patent technical redaction

5) Patent drawings

6) Claims redaction

7) Application submission and status follow up, both at Italian and European level (EPO)

8) Technical feasibility study

9) Economic feasibility study (Business plan)

10) Prototyping

11) Fund research (tenders, Venture Capitalists, etc.)

12) Industrialization

Our experience (10 e-evolution patents, 3 of external consultants and a series of projects starting from existing patents completed) and the network of technical contacts (universities, research centers, manufacturing companies, etc.) and economic (banks, economic consultants, etc.) allows us to provide a complete service, with few similar examples throughout the Italian territory, and in particular in Southern Italy.


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