New and innovative museum user interfaces.

A new way of living exhibitions and museums.

The Interactive Table

The installation includes a table, whose upper surface contains a screen for back projection, a series of figurines representing different eras in the history of Naples (ancient Greece, Roman era, Middle Ages, etc.) and an external monitor in which the contents are displayed. Placing it on one of the sensitive zones on the map, indicated by areas of different colour, contents related to the area at that time are displayed on the external monitor.

This like other installations was realised for the International Culture Forum in Monterrey, Mexico.

The book

The system consists of a physical book (e.g., approximately 100×50 cm in size), open on two blank pages, and a video projector focussed on the book that projects the contents of the pages (which includes a movie).

By swiping the book with one hand in a horizontal motion, the pages are ‘leafed’ to the right or left, depending on the direction of movement.

Virtual Pictures

Multimedia systems made with real frames mounted on televisions that show footage about the lives of painters.

The system through an interface with simple keys, allows you to choose the movie.

Using acoustic bells, multiple movies can be viewed at the same time without disturbance.

When the system does not show movies, the monitor shows high-resolution pictures.

The telescope

The installation consists of a telescope mounted on a rotating base, which contains a 10” LCD screen and a video projector.

Through the telescope is visible a video of Naples, taken from dawn to dusk by a special video camera with a 360° lens.

The shot is visible through the eyepiece of the telescope on the LCD screen and is simultaneously projected from the other end onto a cylindrical screen.

The rotation of the telescope on the base rotates a narrow portion of the shot allowing visualisation in each direction.


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