1) Technical/commercial evaluation of the idea

2) Patentability

3) Anteriority study

4) Technical patent writing

5) Claims

6) Application submission and follow-up of the state of the same, both at Italian and European level (EPO)

7) Technical feasibility study

8) Economic viability study (Business plan)

9) Prototyping

10) Search for funds (bands, Venture Capitalists, etc.)

11) Industrialisation

Our consultants can provide an all-round solution: from evaluating the patentability of an idea, to looking for anteriority, to analysing technical content, to preparing descriptive tables, to making a prototype of idea.

Our experience (9 patents, 3 patent pendings, 30 studied and realised for customers and a series of projects started from existing patents completed) and the network of contacts both technical (university, research centres, manufacturing companies, etc.) and economic contacts (banks, economic consultants, etc.) allows us to provide a complete service, with few similar examples throughout Italy, and in particular in Southern Italy.

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